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Discover The Keys To A Lifelong Relationship

14 Videos

From Mike & Kristin

2 Course Modules

Covering crucial relationship principles

10 Total Hours

Course time

Join us for an in-depth learning experience...

Through real and honest stories, applications, and principles, Mike and Kristin will walk you through 2 crucial steps, over 2 teaching modules, that have helped them build a lifelong partnership with one another. They can do the same for you!

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MODULE 1: Redefine your role as a spouse

In the first module we will pop the hood on your relationship and take a hard look at your role as a partner. Here's what we'll cover..

Identify pain points in your relationship

Discover the transformation of serving one another

Become a better listener

Discover the areas of your life that need to change

Be in community with others who can sharpen you

Learn what true intimacy is really about

MODULE 2: Preserve your partnership

In Module 2 we unpack key areas of your partnership and discover how you can preserve and withstand together. We'll cover...

Learn to partner in parenting

Learn to partner in communication

Learn to partner for individual health

Learn to partner in grace

Learn to partner in fighting fair

Learn to partner in connecting to others

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Here's Everything You Get When You Join:

14 teaching videos with Mike & Kristin (filmed in front of a live audience)

2 course modules with over 10 hours of training total

Audio files of each video session (to listen on the go!)

Lifetime access to the course (when we upgrade it, you'll automatically get the upgrade!)

A certificate of training hours

Total Value: $799. Get Full Access for $97

A Relationship Plan That Transforms...

By the end of this course you will have a concrete plan for your relationship that helps you:


Ask the right question in your marriage!

Because we are two individual human beings, with our own ideals, and viewpoints, we tend to ask questions that benefit us. But we need to learn to ask questions that benefit the other member of our relationship.


Listen, watch & answer crucial questions

This transcends the course itself. You will learn the value of listening to one another, watching for opportunities to serve your spouse, and contiually evaluating your relationship in order to better yourselves.


Understand yourself as a partner

Through a crucial excercise that helps you understand yourself from your partner's perspective, you will come to understand yourself, the value you bring to the relationship, but also how you can become better.


Work to serve one another

True peace begins when we decide everyday, to put our spouse's needs above our own. It's not an easy task, but it brings about peace and connectivity with one another.

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Endless education

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Certificates provided

Because we want you to receive due credit for the time you put into your ongoing education, we provide certificates for your licensing agency!

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Anytime, anywhere

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10+ hours on-demand video

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Lifetime access to the course

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Hi, we're Mike & Kristin Berry

Writers, Parent Trainers, and Coaches

We got married in 1999. In the beginning of our relationship, things were pretty good. But only 5 years into our marriage we found ourselves at a crossroad. More importanly, we found ourselves moving different directions in our life together, and not at all on the same page.

Fortunately, before it was too late, we both had some amazing mentors, and friends, speak truth into our lives individually and together. Their advice, counsel, and guidance changed everything for us.

These principles that transformed our marriage more than 15 years ago, are the same principles we share with you through this masterclass. Our hope is that your marriage, significant relationship, or life partnership can experience the same transformation that ours did many years ago.

We look forward to seeing you in the masterclass!

Mike & Kristin

You have questions. We have answers.

We know that you want to make the wisest choice possible when it comes to your investment in a course like this. That's why we want to answer as many questions as possible...

I'm not married yet. Will this course be relevant for me?

Yes! Even though this course has the word "marriage" in it, these principles are for any relationship at any level- dating, engaged, life partners, or married.

Is this a Christian-based or religious-based course?

No. This course, and the principles we share, are for any person in a committed relationship, whether you are people of faith, or not. While Mike and Kristin are people of faith, and they do share a few faith-based principles during a few sessions, the content is for all people, regardless of their beliefs.

I'm in a same-sex marriage/relationship/partnership. Will this course apply to me?

Yes! The content in this masterclass is applicable to anyone who is in a committed relationship with another human being. We do not discriminate based on sexual-orientation.

What all do I get when join this course?

Great question! If you scroll up a bit on this page, you will see exactly what course ownership comes with.

How long will I have access to this masterclass?

Forever. It's that simple. We give you lifetime access to the course and that includes future upgrades. You will never have to pay any more, nor will you ever lose access (unless you cancel your account).

My foster/adoption agency gives me credit for courses like this. How do I obtain a certificate?

Great question! We provide a certificate of training hours upon completion of this course. You must complete all the video sessions to receive the certificate.

Can I share my login with my spouse, or do they need to get their own login??

You may certainly share your login to the course with your spouse or significant other. In fact, we would challenge you both to go through this course together.

If I decide I no longer want this course, can I get a refund?

Yes, you sure can. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with all of our products. If you decide this course isn't for you, simply contact our support team at billing (at) honestlyadoption (dot) com and we will gladly refund your money.

If I have a marriage group or ministry, and want to take them through this course, how can I arrange that?

We would love to offer you bulk ordering options, or group viewing options. We have all of this available through Training Central, our parent training site. Send us an email at training (at) honestlyadoption (dot) com.

I purchased the course, but can't get access. Can someone help me?

You get! We are here to serve in anyway possible. You can visit and select the password reset option to gain access, or email our team at billing (at) honestlyadoption (dot) com.


Bottom line: we want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you decide within 30 days of purchase that this masterclass isn't for you, we will refund your money, no questions asked! We assume all the risk.